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Music programme 

100 years of Latin American choral music is the theme chosen for the10th edition of the European Academy for choir conductors. Through the chosen compositions, which cover the time frame of the last 100 years, it will be possible to go into the timbric details and the sound peculiarities of the choral pieces coming from Argentina, Brazil,Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela.

A fascinating repertoire to be discovered that is rarely included in the concert programmes of the old continent. A real exploration journey in the Latin American musical culture: from sacred motets to madrigals, from chamber songs to pages for the spatialized choir of the emerging comporsers of the 21st century.

In details, this is the music programme:

J. R. Contreras (1894-1976) 
Ave Maria (1927)
A. Ginastera (1916-1983) 
Lamentaciones de Jeremias propheta (1946)
B. Galindo (1910-1993) 
Me gusta cuando callas (1948)
E. Grau (1919-2006) 
Ojos claros serenos (1951)
A. Piazzolla (1921-1992)
Introducción al ángel (1962)
A. Escobar (1943)
Sabiá coracao de uma viola (1971)
A. Grau (1937) 
Kasar mie la gaji (1991)
A. Balzanelli (1941) 
Missa brevis gregoriana (1993)
C. A. Carrillo (1957)
O magnum mysterium (2000)
D. Boero (1968)
Fire does not burn (2017)
B. Latini (1975)Musica amor et gaudium (2018)

The course will develop different aspects related to the rehearsal’s techniques, the performance, the interpretation, the sound research, providing useful advices for a correct use of the voice, the intonation and the vocal matters.

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