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The Federation

Feniarco, brief history

Feniarco is the National Federation of the Regional Choral Associations.Since 1984, year of its birth, it grew spreading on all the national area up to representing nowadays all the Regions. Emblem of Italian choral life, the Association gathers more than 2800 member choirs and 150.000 among singers and partners. They are volunteers that offer music and culture through thousands of concerts, festivals, courses, conferences and meetings that are organized most of all in places not practised by institutional culture. The choral world is a widespread and free school in which there is place for musical culture and for fun, for team spirit but also for good competition. Connection between past and present, a choir joins different generations that through singing rediscover the pleasure of being together.

Feniarco is a non-profit association registered in the National Register of APS - Associations of Social Promotion and is the only representative federation of Italian national chorality.


The Italian choirs play an important role in the life of our country and Feniarco, as a cultural subject of the choral-musical world, is responsible for:

• maintain relations with the institutions at national level protecting the interests of amateur chorus;
promote and organize artistic events and higher level training projects at national and international level, in collaboration with the Regional Choral Associations and other international organizations;
coordinate the activity of the Regional Choir Associations with the aim of pursuing unitary objectives by adopting a "network" method on the territory;
• make available to the associated members, services and agreements stipulated at national level (Siae, insurance, banking services and others);
• keep constantly updated - with the help of an advanced on-line database specifically developed - the census of Italian chorality with the complete list of choirs associated with the Regional Choral Associations headed by Feniarco;

• spread the Italian choral heritage through the publication, through the Feniarco Music Editions and in collaboration with other publishers, of new compositions addressed to both children and young people, as well as to adult choirs and specific insights on the choral world;
• deepen specific themes and topics through its quarterly magazine Choraliter and the magazine;
• promote its business and maintain relationships with institutions, associations, conservatories, music institutes, music operators, schools and singers of choral music;
• representing Italian chorus at European and international level: Feniarco has been associated for over 20 years with ECA-EC (European Choral Association - Europa Cantat), chaired by Sante Fornasier from 2009 to 2012, and from 2018 to 2021 by Carlo Pavese; general manager Marco Fornasier is currently a member of the Board; it is also associated with IFCM (International Federation for Choral Music), Musica International (The Virtual Choral Library), and EAS (European Association for music in Schools).


The value of the proposed artistic and training programs and the innovation on the organizational and management level contribute daily to raise the profile of Feniarco and to strengthen the dialogue with the institutions that are with the same reality.

The choral world is a widespread and free school where there is room for musical culture and socialization, for the spirit of the group but also for healthy competition. Glue between past and present, the chorus unites different generations who, singing, rediscover the pleasure of being together.

Singing in a choir is an extraordinary experience that, in addition to the main artistic musical aspect, pursues other important objectives:

• enhancement and spreading of the Italian musical heritage and in particular the less popular (think of the great repertoire of the Italian Renaissance);

• protection and protection of traditions, of popular songs and of oral tradition
• social inclusion / multiculturalism
• intergenerational aspect / dialogue between generations / the choir has no age
• group work / mutual respect / self-discipline
• planning / management
• public education
• lifelong learning

The choir is also a "cultural garrison" of territory, widespread, more than ever important and necessary in a society, disarticulated and in an identity crisis like the current one.

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