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Giro Giro Canto

Since many years Feniarco has been paying its attention to the children choral world. Giro Giro Canto is an editorial line conceived by Feniarco and addressed to school's and children's choir. Moreover Giro Giro Canto it is an ambitious project for the enhancement of italian composers and for an effective support to teachers, conductors and all the subjects who practice live choral music with kids. The collection consists of 7 volumes and contains unpublished compositions for one to four voices, a cappella or with instrumental accompaniment. The songs are of different difficulties, entertaining and at the same time able to be a valuable teaching tool. All the books have an attached CD.

Giro Giro Canto 1 with CD | 2002 | 24 compositions
Giro Giro Canto 2 with CD | 2008 | 18 compositions
Giro Giro Canto 3 with CD | 2008 | 18 compositions
Giro Giro Canto 4 with CD | 2012 | 21 compositions
Giro Giro Canto 5 with CD | 2014 | 20 compositions
Giro Giro Canto 6 with CD | 2014 | 23 compositions
Giro Giro Canto 7 with CD | 2014 | 20 compositions

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