Giro Giro Canto

An editorial line created by Feniarco and dedicated to the choirs of children voices. The volumes contain unpublished compositions from one to four voices, a cappella or with instrumental accompaniment, usable by school choirs of the primary or junior high school, but also by choirs of children from our associationist world.

These are short, entertaining and at the same time able to be a valuable teaching tool. All the volumes have a CD attached with the performances of the songs.

Until now we have published 5 volumes:

Giro Giro Canto 1 with CD | 2002 | 24 compositions
Giro Giro Canto 2 with CD | 2008 | 18 compositions
Giro Giro Canto 3 with CD | 2008 | 18 compositions
Giro Giro Canto 4 with CD | 2012 | 21 compositions
Giro Giro Canto 5 with CD | 2014 | 20 compositions

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