Italian Youth Choir

The Italian youth choir, unique formation on the Italian scene, it has been strongly desired by Feniarco since 2003: training, growth, projects, new incentives and important paths for our young singers. For the biennium 2017-18 the conduction is entrusted to Luigi Marzola and Carlo Pavese.

A youthful selection of Italian chorality, led by excellent masters, an important training experience, a laboratory source of fruitful imprints on the territory, a choir that focuses on excellence: this is the profile desired by the federation for its choir. The young singers, between 18 and 28 years old, come from different regions of Italy and many musical experiences and periodically renew themselves by holding energy, vitality and passion. 

The constitution of this training, in 2003, allowed to align the Italian chorus with the other European contexts, where the national youth choirs are institutions of multi-year importance. Over the years, conductors of national and international fame have taken the lead of the Italian Youth Choir such as Filippo Maria Bressan, Nicola Conci, Stojan Kurt, Lorenzo Donati and Dario Tabbia, Gary Graden and Roberta Paraninfo. The choir has dealt with different repertoires: from Renaissance polyphony to the twentieth century, from the Neapolitan school of the '700 to the popular repertoire of Italian regions, from Romanticism to contemporary composers, of various origins and style.

The choir has participated three times at the Festival Europa Cantat, one of the most significant activities of the European choral federation organized since 1961 every 3 years in a different location, with the aim of uniting traditions and cultures from around the world. In 2006, at the XVI edition in Mainz (Germany), the Italian Youth Choir worked under the guidance of Frieder Bernius together with two other national youth choirs, presenting Alfred Schnittke's Choir Concert to the public. In 2012 in Turin, he performed at the Lingotto Auditorium in Turin with the RAI National Symphony Orchestra and two other national youth choirs under the direction of the Swiss Simon Gaudenz in Hermann Suter's Oratory Le Laudi. During the festival he also held concerts at the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale, the Church of San Filippo in Turin and the Cathedral of Alba. In 2015, in Pécs (Hungary), he studied J.S. Bach with the German G. Grün together with the Icelandic youth choir performed in concert at the Kodaly Center. In August 2016 he also starred at the Les Choralies Festival, France, where he held two important concerts and learned the Sea Symphony of R. Vaughan Williams along with the national youth choirs of France, Catalunya and Norway under the direction of P. Forget .

The choir has made itself known in the regions of our country touching many cities including Alba, Aosta, Arezzo, Assisi, Bergamo, Chiavenna, Cuneo, Desio, Fano, Florence, Grado, L'Aquila, Legnano, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Matera, Messina , Milan, Perugia, Pescara, Pordenone, Porto Torres, Reggio Calabria, Rome, Rovereto, Siena, Taranto, Turin, Trento, Udine, Venice, Verbania, Vicenza.

The Italian Youth Choir is a training able to face challenging dares and to confront the most prestigious choral realities thanks to the extreme flexibility of the young members, the attention and scrupulousness of its teachers and the energetic spirit that comes from the desire to make choir, growing together, maturing from a musical and also human point of view. Further proof of this is the victory in June 2014 at the prestigious Florilège Vocal competition of Tours in France, where the chorus has defeated the competition of choirs from all over the world winning the first prizes in the main categories with a compulsory, free and renaissance program, conquering in addition the special prize for the best interpretation of a piece by the French composer Thierry Machuel. As evidence of the eclecticism and versatility of this choir, again in June 2014, he took the stage with The Rolling Stones in their concert at the Circo Massimo in Rome for the performance of a song with the famous rock icons.

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