Festival di Primavera 2019

International Festival for children and youth choirs 
in partnership with European Choral Association-Europa Cantat 
it is part of Italiafestival and of the european Effe Label
in collaboration with Associazione Cori della Toscana

4-6 april 2019 | primary and junior high schools choirs and children choirs (aged 6-13) 
10-13 april 2019 | high schools (aged 14-19) and youth choirs (aged 16-26)

After welcoming 3000 participants in 2018, the most important Italian Festival dedicated to the school youth choirs reaches, in 2019, its 17th edition.

The core of the festival is formation, sharing of experiences and knowledge of new realities. The days pass between studing, friendships with other choirs and participants from all over Italy and abroad, moments of relax, concerts and lots of fun! At the conduction of the ateliers, renowned italian and foreign lecturers who perceive a high quality proposals addressed to the young participants and their conductors. The proposed themes are addressed towards a multiplicity of genres enriched by exciting performances and by the great involvement of the singers and the audience who will take part in the concerts. And, as tradition, there will be news!

Furthermore, for 2019, MINICOROLAB returns: a training course addressed to the conductors, teachers and musicians with lectures to broaden their knowledge and a study tour to closely follow the ateliers.

Montecatini Terme has been the cradle of this event for many years. A beautiful town located in a strategic position, halfway between the picturesque Lucca and the beautiful Florence and near the coast of Viareggio. 


n. 10 ateliers for primary  and junior high school choirs and children choirs (aged 6-13)
n. 7 A level ateliers
n. 3 B level ateliers (for singers who come prepared)

n. 7 ateliers for high scool choirs (aged 14-19)
n. 4 A level ateliers
n. 3 B level ateliers (for singers who come prepared)

n. 1 atelier for youth choirs (aged 16-26)
n. 1 C level ateliers (for singers who come prepared)

The deadline for entries has been set for 15/12/2018 for the level B ateliers and 31/01/2019 for the level A ateliers. Are you ready to sing? Stay tuned on the website www.feniarco.it for all the details on the Festival di Primavera 2019.

Conductors, teachers and singers are all invited at the Festival di Primavera 2019! Maestro Lorenzo Donati, the artistic coordinator of the event, and the teams of Feniarco and Act await you in April to taste the singing spring of youth!

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